Appointment with the SEPE for benefits and other formalities

  1. Go to the web page < strong>
  2. We click on the blue button “Start Request/Cancel Appointment”.

  3. Enter the Postal Code from which you are going to request the appointment (for example, that of the Fundación Jesús Abandonado is 30012), and Click on the “Continue” button

  4. If we select “PERFORMANCES”, a series of procedures will appear. We select the one we need in the dropdown “Process”.

  5. Once the desired procedure has been selected, we have to select a Sub-procedure in the dropdown, depending on our situation.

  6. Next, we write our DNI/NIF, in the corresponding box and click on the “Continue” button.
  7. If instead of selecting BENEFITS, we select EMPLOYMENT, we must follow the same steps, except that we will not have to choose a sub-process.

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